MEJK Jewellery

MEJK Jewellery

MEJK Jewelery - is a new brand of the Radziszewska Jewelery company, which has been operating on the Polish market in the jewelry industry for 16 years.

Year after year, we develop more and more, creating new designs of various jewelry, so that everyone can find something for themselves. Thanks to the great love for animals, many suggestions from our customers, hard work and countless sleepless nights, as well as the passion with which we create our jewelry, the MEJK Jewelery brand was created, whose leitmotif is jewelry with the image of purebred and wild animals in nature as well as animals mythical and symbolic.

Each new breed is created under the watchful eye of a valued and recognized breeder or lover who is a master in knowing a given breed or species. It is thanks to these people that we are able to perfectly reflect the entirety of the designed dog, cat or horse.

MEJK is also an opportunity for our customers to design their own jewelry, which they would like to realize with our help. MEJK, like Radziszewska Jewellery, produces jewelry from high-quality 925 sterling silver, which is platinum-plated, thanks to which silver does not oxidize so quickly and retains its beautiful glow. We have also introduced gilded jewelery with Italian 18-carat gold to our offer. We finish all this with crystals, which are one of the basic components of our jewelry.

MEJK regularly introduces new breeds of dogs, cats, horses, birds and other representatives of the fauna, thanks to which our offer is constantly expanding and with each new breed or species our customers will be able to find jewelry with the motif of their beloved pet. We would like to thank all our customers and each one individually for their support and trust, thanks to which we can create new collections. And remember MEJK Jewelery is for you, so we invite everyone to contact us and share your ideas that we will be able to implement together.

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